United States of America

The USA is a beautiful country and is considered to be the land of freedom and opportunity. Many people have been immigrating to the USA for many years.

Common reasons are:

  • Jobs and business opportunities
  • To escape poverty
  • To seek superior healthcare
  • To escape conflict or violence in their home countries
  • To escape past or possible future persecution based on race, religion, nationality, and/or membership in a particular social group or political opinion
  • To find refuge after being displaced due to environmental factors
  • To offer more opportunities to children
  • Family reunification
  • Educational purposes
    History of Immigration to US

Origins of the U.S Immigrant Population: 1960-2016

Year Europe/Canada South and East Asia Other Latin America Mexico
1960 84% 4% 4% 6%
1970 68% 7% 11% 8%
1980 42% 15% 16% 16%
1990 26% 22% 21% 22%
2000 19% 23% 22% 29%
2010 15% 25% 24% 29%
2011 15% 25% 24% 29%
2012 14% 26% 24% 28%
2013 14% 26% 24% 28%
2014 14% 26% 24% 28%
2015 14% 27% 24% 27%
2016 13% 27% 25% 26%

Source: U.S. Census Bureau population estimates and Pew Research Center tabulations of 2010, 2013-2016 American Community Surveys (IPUMS).


The term “immigrants” (also known as the foreign born) refers to people residing in the United States who were not U.S. citizens at birth. This population includes naturalized citizens, lawful permanent residents (LPRs), certain legal non-immigrants (e.g., persons on student or work visas), those admitted under refugee or asylee status, and persons illegally residing in the United States.

Denied Entry to USA?

There are reasons why travellers may be denied entry to the US at the border. Most common reasons are

  • They have previously worked illegally in the US
  • They are suspected of being intended immigrants who will overstay their visas
  • They are suspected of having ties to terrorist or criminal organizations
  • They have overstayed a previous visit to the US
  • They do not have sufficient funds to support themselves while there
  • They have health issues like “communicable disease”, “a physical or mental disorder that may pose, or has posed, a threat to [the person] or others” or “a drug abuser or addict”
  • They have been found guilty of a criminal offence

Employment Based Immigration Visas

There are various Employment-Based Immigration visa categories to move to US that give you green cards and you become eligible for permanent residence:

  • Employment-Based Immigration: First Preference EB-1
  • Employment-Based Immigration: Second Preference EB-2
  • Employment-Based Immigration: Third Preference EB-3
  • Employment-Based Immigration: Fourth Preference EB-4
  • Employment-Based Immigration: Fifth Preference EB-5