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Growing majority of Canadians reject idea that Canada accepts too many immigrants

November 5, 2019

A new survey of public opinion on immigration shows the number of Canadians holding positive views of immigration grew between April and October.

Since the Environics Institute’s previous Focus Canada survey in April, public disapproval with the statement “overall, there is too much immigration to Canada” rose from 59 per cent to 63 per cent in October — its highest level since 2008.

Just over one-third of Canadians agreed with the statement, 34 per cent, which was unchanged since April.

The Environics Institute interviewed 2,008 Canadians between October 7 and October 20 in advance of Canada’s federal election on October 21.

“A growing majority of Canadians reject the idea that their country is accepting too many immigrants,” the survey found. “This view is due in part because eight in ten believe that immigration is helping Canada’s econom

Source: Environics Institute

The survey found strengthened support for immigration across most of the country, with noticeable increases in Atlantic Canada, the Prairies and Quebec.

In Atlantic Canada, 71 per cent of respondents disagreed that Canada is taking too many immigrants.

Younger Canadians, women, those with a higher level of education and the more financially secure were the most likely to hold a favourable view of immigration.

The institute said negative opinions of immigration were more widespread among those “concerned about potential job loss in their household.”

Negative opinions were also more evident among supporters of the Conservative Party of Canada, with 51 per cent stating immigration was too high compared to 45 per cent who disagreed.

Supporters of the New Democratic Party were the most likely to hold a positive view of Canada’s immigration levels, with 79 per cent saying there was too much immigration to Canada.

Nearly 3 in 4 Liberals (74 per cent) also expressed support for Canada’s current immigration level, followed by 69 per cent of Green Party supporters and 64 per cent of Bloc Quebecois.