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4750 invitations issued - Applicant's minimum score is now 461 points in the latest draw held on 7th Jan 2021 for Canadian immigration     ||     30 invitations issued - Applicants needed to score at least 65 points to qualify for skilled independent category in the latest draw held on 21st October 2020 for Australian immigration

Australia Skilled Regional Permanent Visa (Subclass 887)

The Skilled – Regional Visa (subclass 887) sponsored work visa category is for highly skilled individuals who also have education, skills and employability which will contribute to the economy in Australia, are willing to settle in States/Territories where their skills are in demand and can demonstrate that they have spent 2 years lawfully living in Australia already (generally on a Skilled – Nominated (Provisional) visa).

To qualify for citizenship, you must demonstrate that you have spent 2 years lawfully living in Australia (generally on a Skilled – Nominated (Provisional) visa).

Under this category you are expected to live in the State/Territory that first nominated you for the first two years of your new life in Australia.

This visa entitles you to permanent residence in Australia based on a combination of your skills, your work experience and sponsorship from the State/Territory that nominated you.

  • Satisfy the Basic Requirements
  • Obtain a positive skills assessment from an Australian assessing authority for a nominated occupation on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL);
  • Be nominated by a participating State/Territory for your occupation; and
  • Have lived in Australia for 2 years on a Skilled – Nominated (Provisional) visa.

Nominees are selected by participating States/Territories in Australia to meet the skills shortages in those States/Territories. The current participating States/Territories are Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, the Northern Territory and Tasmania.

If you were successful in applying under this category, you would have to undertake the following obligations:

  • Live in the nominating State/Territory for at least 2 years;
  • Keep immigration authorities informed of changes to your address; and
  • Take part in surveys as required.

Each participating State/Territory maintains a list of occupations in demand whereby nomination may be a possibility.The advantage to you in applying through the state sponsored work visa category is that your migration application will be processed significantly faster in line with the visa processing priorities, and it may be easier for you to find a job in Australia.

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