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Real Estate

To qualify for citizenship of Dominica under the real estate option of the Citizenship by Investment Programme, an applicant must purchase authorised real estate to the minimum value of USD 200,000.

On approval in principle of an application through a real estate investment or other approved project, the following Government Fees also apply:

  • USD 25,000 for a single applicant;
  • USD 35,000 for a main applicant applying with his or her spouse;
  • USD 35,000 for a family of up to four persons, including the main applicant and up to three dependants;
  • USD 50,000 for a family of up to six persons, including the main applicant and up to five dependants; or
  • USD 70,000 for a family of seven persons or more, including the main applicant and six or more dependants.

In order to qualify for citizenship, you must hold authorised real estate for 3 years from the grant of citizenship. Furthermore, you may only re-sell that real estate under the Citizenship by Investment Programme after 5 years of receiving citizenship.

To officially secure an interest in a Dominican resort project in accordance with CBIU regulations, economic citizenship candidates simply make a 10% deposit towards the property and execute a sale & purchase agreement. Once approved in principle for Dominica citizenship, the investor then has seven days to pay the remaining balance of the investment, at which time he or she will be issued an Ownership Certificate. This certificate is then presented to Dominica authorities to formally demonstrate that the approved real estate investment criteria has been met in full. Purchasing fractional ownership in a Dominica resort project accredited by the citizenship program is fast and easy, requires no maintenance or upkeep on behalf of the investor, and based on the developer’s income and capital gain projections will typically be expected to return enough money after five years to cover both the capital invested as well as all fees originally paid.

Upon prudently fulfilling all of the above requirements, a foreign national is eligible to gain full, legal citizenship in the Commonwealth of Dominica for themselves and their family. Once approved by the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit, applicants are issued a Certificate of Naturalization and will receive their new passport within a week via courier. Once an investor has become a Dominica citizen, they can pass their nationality on to future generations by descent.

The applicant is responsible for paying the full fees required under the laws and regulations that govern the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme.

Therefore, when paying for fees via bank transfer, the applicant must also pay any applicable bank charges, so that the fees are received by the Government in full.

Full fee amounts are expressed in United States dollars (USD). However, the Government will accept payments in euros (EUR) and pounds sterling (GBP) for any of the following:

  • Government Fees (real estate option only)
  • Processing Fees
  • Due Diligence Fees
  • Certificate of Naturalisation Fees
  • Expedited Passport Issuance Fees

IMPORTANT: Any payment in EUR or GBP must, on the day it is processed by the recipient bank, be equivalent to or greater than the full fee amount in USD. Any payment that falls below the full fee amount in USD will be rejected as insufficient.