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"If anyone is looking to migrate to Canada then Emily Ghosh is the person you should be looking for. Very professional, clean work, and very helpful. I wish I had met her before as I could have saved a lot of time, but its never too late. Read More"

- Mohammed Tishat

"I applied with a bunch of my other friends who used many different consultants. So I have a pretty good understanding of the benchmark and I can firmly Read More"

- Sohail Shareeq

"Wish I met Emily/VisaAffix a couple of years ago for my immigration plan. Anyway it's never too late and feels like I'm on track with my process. Finally, I met someone who has rich experience in immigration processes added with zeal of helping people genuinely. Read More"

- Azeem Mohammed

"I have spent months searching for consultants and I wish I had found Emily Ghosh earlier. Very professional and highly expert in immigration consultancies for Canada, and takes care of details from the very starting of the process. Have been her client since a year, and these are some feedback regarding her services: - Offered guidance and support to me by displaying a genuine interest in listening and addressing the problems shared by me. Read More"

- Manzoor Ahmed Khan

"If you are looking for migrate to Canada then you should vist VisaAffix , highly expert and very professional consultant services for Canada immigration , I wish I had met Emily Ghosh before I could save a lot of time and money , she is very professional and helpful Read More"

- Rafi Watanyar