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Visaaffix Frequently Asked Questions

You would like to do right at first attempt. Immigration application process is complex and in today’s highly competitive world a small mistake like misrepresentation and erroneous filling up of application forms can endanger your chance of improving your ranking points to become visible enough to get an ITA. Moreover, misrepresentation can land you in trouble of being barred for five years to re-apply! You will be wasting your money and effort in ignorance. It is always best advised to work with a licensed immigration consultant who is an expert in this field.

We have witnessed brilliant qualifying top candidates approaching our office every day with failed applications, and we can see that they missed out vital points. We are here to help you and take responsibility to put up your case with due diligence.

An Immigration Consultant (ICCRC member) and an immigration specialist lawyer who have equal experience and background in the specific area of immigration that you need should serve you equally well. You need to find out if they have in-depth knowledge and experience working in the specific area of immigration law that concerns you. Almost all types of appeals can be handled effectively by a consultant. However, certain categories of failed applications can only be appealed in Federal Court, and only a lawyer may represent you.

ICCRC licensed immigration consultants adhere to strict code of ethics and professional conduct in handling your immigration matters. Their knowledge and competency level must meet the required standard set by ICCRC in dealing your case. Non-ICCRC consultants are not permitted to represent your case in any matter with Canada Immigration, and any application prepared by a paid representative who is not an ICCRC member, will be rejected by Canada Immigration.

If someone has offered you money-back guarantee you have every reason to worry about. Please note that competent professional help is never free. You should be mostly interested in the best possible application at the first place, no matter how much it would cost, and not gamble with your future.


We offer customized solutions to our clients to satisfy their visa and immigration needs. With our dedication, knowledge and result-oriented guidance, clients are assured to get their ‘value for money’. We partner you in your decision making process and build better future prospects of our clients.

Yes we can help people from anywhere in the world provided they qualify to immigrate to countries they are looking for and our firm deals immigration matters with those countries. Our consultants are equipped to handle all immigration and visa cases for you regardless of your current location.

We always inform our clients our legal fees in advance. It is based on flat fee basis, not an hourly rate. Hours put on individual’s file may differ from case to case. It is subject to refund policy stated in Retainer Agreement.

Applicable government application fees are separate and are to be paid at actual. Our licensed consultants charge very reasonable fees for guidance and consultations.

Before we take your case, our licensed consultants will carry out a comprehensive assessment of your current situation, background history and your objective. They will listen to you carefully, understand your unique situation and provide you with solutions befitting your case. After getting a clear idea of your specific scenario, they will advise you about next course of actions and will also inform you about the documents needed along with time line and cost. You are requested to fill up Online Assessment form available in our website at the first place which will give us initial idea about you.

Absolutely! Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) are required to abide by a strict Code of Conduct. There are numerous benefits associated with utilizing the services of a RCIC and there are serious risks associated with utilizing the services of those unauthorized providers.

Attribute Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant Unauthorized Providers
Accountable to ICCRC Yes No – accountable to no one
Monitored by ICCRC Yes No – may operate unknown to authorities
Supported by ICCRC to enhance quality of services Yes No – not supported by anyone
Knowledgeable and informed on immigration law and Canadian immigration system Yes No – no education prerequisite on immigration issues
Proficient in English and/or French Yes No – may be unable to communicate properly in English or French
Required to abide by stringent ethical and professional rules that are designed to protect consumers Yes No – not subject to any ethical requirements
Possess valid Errors and Omissions Insurance for enhanced consumer protection Yes No – may not have any Errors and Omissions Insurance
Work with agents known to ICCRC Yes No – no information on their associates
Required to provide evidence of good character prior to becoming Regulated Yes No – may have committed fraudulent or illegal activities in the past

Yes. Emily Ghosh is a Full Member in Good Standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

We offer immigration consultancy services to our clients. We will

  • Assess your immigration eligibility
  • Prepare your application process
  • Address your concerns and provide solutions
  • Provide you with guidance, resources and tools
  • Assist you with any immigration related issues with your applications

Spouses are partners who are married to each other. If the foreign national is in Canada with current status (i.e. as a visitor or student) that has not expired, we can apply for you either inside Canada or overseas. (Status must be maintained at all times by applying for visa extensions while the application is in process.)

Common-law partners are partners who have lived together continually for at least one year. If the foreign national is in Canada with current status (i.e. as a visitor or student) that has not expired, we can apply for you either in Canada or overseas. (Status must be maintained at all times by applying for visa extensions while the application is in process.)

Conjugal partners are partners who are neither married and have not lived together continually for at least one year, and are involved in an intimate and exclusive marriage-like relationship. Typically this application must be filed overseas, as the foreign national is usually not in Canada. Conjugal partners will need to demonstrate that they have made every attempt to live together, and to marry if they are able to legally, and they are best advised to seek expert counsel and not attempt to apply on their own. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada IRCC (formerly Citizenship and Immigration Canada CIC) will look to every reason to refuse this most misunderstood category.

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